Sunday, January 25, 2015
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Our Mission


We are a group of young adult heart survivors wanting to provide emotional support and guidance to other young adult heart patients. We meet through several support groups either online or in person. Our organization has fundraising opportunities as well as resources to help patients organize personal fundraisers. We can provide educational materials regarding insurance applications, state funding, and hospital aide. Most of all we provide emotional support in the form of a shoulder to cry on or ask questions to or hold hands through hard times.

YAHF at the 2013 Go Red Event
Mall of America, Saturday, February 9

"YAHF has been a source of tremendous support to many of my younger patients who are dealing with heart disease. Although as physicians we strive to provide all possible support to our patients, there is simply no substitute for the perspective and enthusiasm of someone who has personally faced the same issues; we are delighted to have the YAHF as an additional resource in our toolbox!" ---Dr. Peter Eckman

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